Our Services

Book Matching

Book-matching requires a high level of detail-oriented craftsmanship. When done correctly, it can integrate stunning works of art into our daily architectural experiences.

Fabrication and Cut to Sizes

Fabrication includes shaping and polishing the edge detail of the stone.

Water Jet

Water Jet Technology is the technology that uses high pressure jet water to cut natural stones such as Marbles,Granites and other metals. We use this technology to give desired shapes to natural stones.

Stone Installation

We implement proven natural stone installation techniques when installing natural stone to ensure that it survives against time and weather.

Project Management

We strictly follow a Management System which allows us to provide and maintain a consistent high standard in all our operations.

Stone Consulting

We at Overseas Pacific have a dedicated team of natural stone consultants to assist you choose the best possible natural stone product for your property.

Polishing and Cleaning

Polishing and Cleaning is done to add a shine and glow to any objects made from marble including flooring or any other artifact

Sealing and Chemical Treatment

To increase the life of the natural stone artifacts, we treat the stones with sealers and chemicals to give them a protective covering against all attacks.